Welcome to the Truro Shambhala Meditation Group


We are a group of individuals who gather to meditate together, connect with our basic goodness, and nurture the confidence and courage to work with life in a way that can inspire people to their true nature and create a good society.


Our Group

The Truro group arose out of a tremendous sense of inspiration by those who had received meditation instruction. While the future shape of the Shambhala organization is not known, the Truro group will continue to focus on meditation training and practice and for those who wish to take part, the study of Buddhist and allied teachings will be available. We will continue to foster a safe, kind and benevolent environment for anyone connecting with us.


Our Meditation Offerings

Learn to Meditate

We offer meditation instruction individually and as part of our group meditation practice. Our trained, qualified meditation instructors and guides will provide you with all the information and structure you need to begin your meditation practice.

Group Meditation

Every Wednesday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (doors open at 6:15) – September to June

Our regular group meditation is silent shamatha/vipassana (mindful/ awareness) meditation for 45 minutes with walking meditation part way through. Those who wish to can come for only the meditation portion of the evening and leave. For those who are interested Meditation is followed by reading and discussion.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Meditation cushions, benches and chairs are available.



There is no fee for meditation instruction and regular weekly meditation.
Donations are welcomed to help support our non-profit, volunteer meditation group.


Shambhala – Community Challenges, Responses and Going Forward

Our group arose as part of the worldwide Shambhala network of meditation groups and centres. We acknowledge that, following serious and substantiated allegations of sexual and other misconduct on the part of the Head of Shambhala and some senior leaders, the Shambhala community has been thrown into turmoil. We also acknowledge, and deeply regret, the pain and turmoil in the lives of persons who have been harmed by these actions.

While members of the larger Shambhala community are volunteering and working hard to set a future direction for the Shambhala organization, and to put into place processes for outreach and healing, much uncertainty remains.  Learn More


You can find us in the Mindfulness Centre

Forrester Hall, Room 110, N.S. Community College – 36 Arthur Street, Truro.

(When the Chignecto Central Region schools close for snow days, we will be closed also.)



Current Programs & Events

There are no programs at this time